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Soubry NV is one of the leading international players on the industrial market for pasta, flour and derivatives.
Its specific range of industrial products is targeted at various sectors such as bakeries, distributors, food service and food-processing companies. Result: worldwide exports and a turnover of 125 million euros.


1921: The businessman Joseph Soubry set up a pasta factory in Roeselare. Production was limited to Vermicelli and Macaroni.

1933: Soubry built its own semolina mill. From then on, flour was ground under strict in-house supervision.

1937: Soubry invested in the improvement of its production lines: it presented the first continuous press, an innovation in the Benelux.

1947: Soubry was the first to install a completely automated pasta production line.

1956: Soubry built its own flourmill.

1958: Soubry expanded its range of products and began to make toasts.

1970: Soubry started to produce Chinese noodles according to a totally new and revolutionary production technique.

1979: Soubry introduced the first ‘instant’ pasta.

1985: Soubry achieved a world first: a long pasta high-temperature drying line.

1998: Soubry is still the absolute world leader with a new, completely automated pasta production line.

2001: Soubry built a new mill to guarantee the superior quality of its ingredients.

2002: With the take-over of Filadelfia Soubry is broadening its range with ‘home-made’ pasta.

2005: By buying the Anco brand, Soubry extends its range with flour, toasts, culinary aids, and pasta products.

2011: Soubry construct a completely new production hall with 'state of the art' machinery.


The range of industrial products is extensive and has been specially developed for certain applications. Furthermore, Soubry customises products according to a wide variety of specifications, quality requirements and packaging formats.

  • Conventional pasta

  • Conventional flour products

  • Organic pasta

  • Organic flour products

  • Instant pasta

  • Industrial flour products

  • Chinese noodles

  • Semolina

  • Miscellaneous derivatives

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