The BUSINESS UNIT “FOOD INDUSTRY SUPPLY” is a specialised division which develops and manufactures dry pasta and noodles for various applications in the food industry. This division has pioneered many major market developments in the field of dry pasta (e.g. instant pastalow moisture pastaChinese noodles). The company’s policy focuses on consistently consolidating and expanding this position, both at the present time and in the future.

Its prominent international position provides this division with a professional combination of:

  • customer-orientated services for product development

  • fast and efficient services

  • a flexible production apparatus

  • permanent focus on research and development

  • consistent quality based on an intensive quality policy

  • worldwide logistic support

  • a sustained investment policy

Our entire product range is considered to be the broadest available on the market:

  • in quantity: extensive offer of already existing products

  • in quality: from basic products (“commodities”) to specialised product types

You can call on this B2B team to:

  • replicate your existing specifications

  • develop new products or concepts

Our project-driven co-operation in product development provides our customers with:

  • know-how based on over 100years of experience

  • the discretion of an independent company with an extremely strict confidentiality policy

  • thorough technical assistance and support

  • the advantages of a vertically integrated producer (with its own semolina mills)

  • every possibility of customised developments