Soubry tastes like being together

Bringing people together is part of our DNA for Soubry.
Food has a connecting force in every culture, and we want to reinforce this
with our pasta and our actions.

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Soubry remains a loyal partner of Restos du Coeur.

Invariably, for the 7th year in a row, Soubry donates more than 100,000 pasta portions to Restos du Coeur in the context of World Poverty Day (October 17). They provide affordable meals in a social setting for people who need them.

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Recipe idea of the month!

Winter is approaching, so time for a delicious stew. The Belgian classic 'Stew meat with fries' was reworked and transformed into a pasta dish. A surprising combination that fits together perfectly.

Soubry Al Dente pasta is made with wheat of a unique quality with a high protein content. Al dente stands for so much more than just al dente. A high protein content and perfect elasticity give this pasta its unique characteristics.

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Turn that Halloween pumpkin into a delicious bread.

Don't throw that Halloween pumpkin in the trash, but process it into a unique pumpkin bread. Finished with pumpkin seeds, it is also deliciously healthy.

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Pasta, Planet, People.

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm.

It's about doing more good.

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