Soubry tastes like being together

Bringing people together is part of our DNA for Soubry.
Food has a connecting force in every culture, and we want to reinforce this
with our pasta and our actions.


You want to make flavour together?

Soubry has been a family business for more than 100 years, and that is still evident in the workplace today. We like to bring talented people together in an open corporate culture where we connect with everyone. And we are proud of that! 💪

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Recipe idea of the month!

September = SPELTember

Spelt is an ancient grain and the precursor to wheat as we know it today. We think it deserves some extra attention. That's why we developed this nice recipe with clams.

Soubry Spelt Spaghetti fine is made from 100% spelt grain.

The selection of high-quality raw materials ensures that Soubry can offer you all the goodness of spelt in this unique pasta.

Spelt Spaghetti fine can be paired endlessly with fish, meat, seafood or vegetables. 

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Monkeybread to share with everyone who is sweet to you.

“Seize the day,” Horace once said. We're taking that advice today with this sweet sharing bread. Are you participating?

Together with @ElleEten.be, we developed the most delicious recipe for Monkey Bread.

A soft whole of fluffy, caramelized brioche balls with a subtle cinnamon touch and a layer of sugar glaze. Pure comfort food!

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Pasta, Planet, People.

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm.

It's about doing more good.

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