17 October 2023

Soubry remains a loyal partner of Restos du Coeur.

Invariably, for the 7th year in a row, Soubry donates more than 100,000 pasta portions to Restos du Coeur in the context of World Poverty Day (October 17). They provide affordable meals in a social setting for people who need them.

Inflation and high consumer prices make the news almost daily and are even more topical than in previous years. Families who used to be at the limits of their monthly budget, now have to make choices more often, meaning that the shopping basket or lunch box remains empty more often.

Social organizations such as Restos du Coeur ensure that those families can still enjoy a daily hot meal. The unique thing about their organization is the combination of the meal packages, which can be picked up, with the option to enjoy a meal in one of the 20 restaurants of Restos du Coeur.

These restaurants also offer social added value that should not be underestimated. People/families in poverty often become isolated from their environment. Through the restaurants one has the opportunity to make new contacts - usually with fellow sufferers - so that experiences and tips can be exchanged. We often see that these contacts are the first steps in rebuilding and expanding a social network.


This year we did not wait for Restos du Coeur to ask for cooperation, but we proactively offered a donation proposal ourselves. We have had a very smooth collaboration with the people of Restos du Coeur for more than 7 years. It feels like they have become part of our DNA. It is therefore obvious to us that we will again donate 10 tons of pasta this year. The pasta will end up in the right place and with the right people, and that is why we do it, because Soubry still tastes like being together.” said Michel Soubry.


At Restos du Coeur they also confirm the loyal collaboration with Soubry: “It is becoming increasingly difficult to collect goods. This combined with an exceptional increase in beneficiaries for food parcels and hot meals. We are therefore pleased to be able to count on Soubry's loyalty again this year and to know that we can fill 100,000 hungry stomachs.” said Patrick Dejace of Restos du Coeur.