Soubry? That's one of our brands!

Soubry? That's one of our brands!

SOUBRY is a Belgian family business that has been passed from father to son since 1921. Soubry employs more than 400 people and is the only pasta manufacturer in Belgium. All the pasta is made in 3 locations in and around Roeselare, West Flanders.

Soubry is number one in Belgium for several types of pasta, as well as flour.

In addition, semolina, rusks and all kinds of derived products also belong to our brand.

Our mission? Creating long-term value in a sustainable way.

The focus of all this is on you, as a customer or consumer. We love to inspire you and stimulate your creativity with our wide product range, tips and numerous recipes.

The range of products we offer is constantly being enriched by relevant innovations, taking account of consumer feedback. Quality and food safety, with a conscious view of healthy food, are among our top priorities in this regard. Every employee is committed to this every day and we communicate this together in our corporate culture. To achieve all this, knowledge and craftsmanship combined with passion and experience are at the very core of our employees’ DNA.