Soubry, the sustainable taste of being together

Soubry, Belgian pasta. We are the only producer of pasta in Belgium, but what we have to offer goes beyond that. And we’re not just talking about our products. We also offer our customers and consumers a whole range of tips and recipes so that they can serve a delicious meal every time. That is our mission: to give everyone who cooks with Soubry pasta always something of value.

OUR MISSION: to create long-term value, sustainably

And we accomplish our mission sustainably. How? We tell you how in this first Soubry sustainability report, which is based on four main themes.

As a food company, our main priority is to dish up delicious healthy pasta of the highest quality to our customers and consumers. Pasta that, above all, is produced with sustainably grown ingredients.

One of the most important raw materials that we use for Soubry pasta is wheat – a 100% natural product. As a result, we feel that the planet itself is our main supplier. So, respect for the planet and the environment comes first in everything we do, from production through logistics. And we expect our farmers and suppliers to do exactly the same as us.

As a family company, we also firmly believe that we can only achieve our objectives by working harmoniously together. In first instance with our people, but also with our partners, customers and consumers. Knowledge, motivation and passion are of vital importance for the long-term future of our company.



Soubry. The taste of being together. This is the slogan we use to emphasise the social role we aim to play with our products. Food connects people in every culture. Our aim is to reinforce this with our pasta by making quality, food safety and healthy ingredients our absolute priority.


sustainable raw materials

The quality of our pasta depends very much on the quality of the raw materials we use. At Soubry that means primarily wheat. Wheat is a natural product that is subject to the effects of climate change: lengthy droughts, higher temperatures, heavy rainfall, etc. So to enable us always to produce the best quality given these circumstances, we work closely with our farmers to achieve the very best for people, nature and the product.


respect for our planet

Respect for the planet is central at Soubry. And not just in the way we grow and harvest our wheat. But also because we opt deliberately for environmentally friendly methods in the way we make, pack and distribute our products.


people with passion 

We work together to achieve Soubry’s sustainability ambitions. With our customers and consumers, our suppliers, our farmers and – especially – with our more than 400 employees. For this reason, we take good care of them, focusing on their expertise, their wellbeing and their safety – as one can expect from a traditional family business. 


Sustainability report

Download here the full report.