Our craftmanship


The Soubry story starts in the field

where the quality, full shape and natural amber colour of the wheat is checked. Our procurement team searches for the highest-quality wheat worldwide. The wheat has to pass several tests and meet high specifications before it is purchased. For our pasta, we always choose durum wheat with a high and top-quality protein content, higher than the average of other pastas on the market.

Hand tarwe

High specifications without compromise

After the harvest, when the wheat arrives via the canal by barge, all impurities such as sand and stones are removed. Cylinders break open the wheat grains and the wheat is sifted. Only the core of the wheat kernel is retained. By repeating the milling process, we refine the wheat to the desired grain thickness. This is how we obtain semolina. Everything happens in our own Belgian mills, in Roeselare.

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Al dente pasta, a meticulous process

To make pasta, semolina is mixed with water and carefully kneaded. This dough is pressed through a die under high pressure. This is how we obtain the desired shape. The paste then passes through several dryers. The humidity, air flow and temperature is different each time and is strictly controlled. About 100,000 tons of pasta are made each year, corresponding to 1.2 billion servings! Soubry is the only pasta manufacturer in Belgium.


Passion and Craftsmanship

Soubry would not be where it is today without the passion of its employees. Their pride in their work is the best motivator. All of our colleagues, some longer than others, have been able to experience part of this history. They make the difference in the quality that consumers get on their plates and in the experience of enjoying a delicious meal together with friends or family. Because 'Soubry tastes of togetherness!