Allergies and legislation

Information on the amended allergen legislation

A new EU regulation on the provision of food information (Regulation Food Information 1169/2011) came into force on 13 December 2014.

An important part of the new Regulation on the provision of food information to consumers deals with the listing of allergens.

The Belgian interpretation of this regulation requires that this info can be given in an oral or written way.

Where can you go for more information about the allergens in our products?

  1. On our product packaging
    This information is the safest due to always being correct (what it says on it, is also in it). All packaging produced after 13/12/2014 complies with the new allergen legislation.

  2. On our website Here you will find all information (including ingredient declaration and allergens) per product.

  3. Via Trustbox: All our products have been uploaded into this platform and are available to anyone who is registered.

The maxim remains that the physical packaging is the only true and conclusive source of information.