Low Moisture Pasta

Cooking pasta & noodles with a reduced moisture level (6.5 – 10%)
For use in blends of dehydrated ingredients

Two different ranges resulting from an in-depth research and drying technology skills:

  • quick cook – a range of thin-walled 5 minute cooking pastas

  • standard cook – a range of thick-walled 6-11 minutes cooking pasta

Used as ingredients in:

  • pasta-based dehydrated snacks and noodles

  • cooking soups

  • all types of dehydrated blends

Bellow you can find some examples of our Low Moisture resistant pasta's:

49355 Penne LM

Penne Low Moisture

49323 Spirals LM

Spirals Low Moisture

49148 Vermicelli LM

Vermicelli Low Moisture

49380 Bonetti LM

Bonetti Low Moisture