11 April 2024

Free pasta at your camp with Soubry

Because Soubry tastes of togetherness! Not only at home with the family or at family gatherings, but also with friends and at club get-togethers. This year we want to emphasize this even more by treating all Belgian youth clubs that take part in our savings campaign. Free pasta for all members! Pasta? That’s sure to fit the bill!


How exactly does it work? Very simple! From 11 April to 7 June 2024, youth clubs can save bar codes from Soubry pasta packages for free pasta when they go camping. Those who want to go all the way can also save up for an extra Mikado XL game or even a visit from our super deluxe pasta bar at their camp! Sounds like a campaign that shouldn’t be missed, right?

Do you know someone who is in a youth club or are you a member yourself? Then you can't let this call go unanswered. Deliver all your bar codes to the person in charge in time for the entire club to have a chance of winning free pasta at their camp.

Is this getting your mouth watering? We get that. Discuss your ultimate savings strategy briefly over a big plate of spaghetti and don't forget to cut out the bar code! Just a tip, hey.