Grinding Process and production

As a medium-sized mill, Soubry can offer the flexibility of a family business as well as the professional support of a big internationally active company. Many years of know-how and continued presence in various markets also ensure a thorough cross-pollination in all your projects.

Soubry offers you:

  • an extensive and modern R&D department in order to provide optimum support in product development and project management

  • fast response to all your questions, given the short decision process and the combination of purchase and sale in the same function

  • good market awareness and technical knowledge of applications, thanks to the diversity of Soubry client

  • integration with the pasta department as regards quality support, use of common services and product know-how

  • financially sound company that keeps on investing and evolving with the latest technologies

  • great flexibility in logistics by having transport under own management

  • very competitive prices, made possible by the continuous quest for improvements in returns and adapted raw materials

And all this within:

  • a guarantee of confidentiality (Soubry is a 100% independent company)

  • long-term relationships with clients and developing partnerships

  • a permanent quest for quality