Passion for pasta since 1921

Soubry, pasta and so much more!

Soubry is the most well-known pasta brand in Belgium and has stood for quality, security, sympathy and trust for more than a 100 years.

Since its foundation in 1921, we have grown into an important international player, which is still in hands of the family, and focuses on the market for pasta, flour, semolina, rusks and all kinds of derivative products.

Soubry is the market leader in Belgium for various types of pasta and flour for bread. In addition, Soubry offers an extensive range of more than 100 articles in various packaging forms. Soubry is also always progressive in product development, and in addition to the classic wheat pasta, it also launched pasta based on ancient grains such as spelled and oats.

As a specialist in pasta and flour, Soubry also likes to put its knowledge at the service of bakeries, industrial kitchens, distributors and the food processing industry. The complete range includes more than 250 items ranging from semolina and flour to pasta, Chinese noodles, instant pasta, etc.


An ambitious history