For bakeries and the food-processing industry Soubry offers a wide range of flour and semolina of diverse product varieties and qualities:

  • a wide standard range of recipes

  • sampling possibilities for product development according to your specifications

Flexible production allows for the packaging in various materials and formats: bags of 25 or 50 kg, large bags, and bulk deliveries

White flour


for sponge cakes, brown sponge cakes and brown bread varieties


for brown, flat breads


for brown and white bread


for light white bread


ideal for rolls, baguettes, butter buns, sandwiches and small luxury doughs


for crusty rolls and baguettes


shaker flour

Brown flour

Brown 95

pieces and bran

Whole wheat

finely ground pieces and bran


light and dark multigrain variety


light and dark multigrain variety


as decoration or additive for brown bread

brown wheat 70/30

for a tasty and well-structured rustic bread

brown wheat 80/2

for a light and easily digestible brown bread, ideal for Ardennes bread

S-type meal

flour for wheat morsels and bran

In addition, Soubry develops flour products according to requested specifications for diverse uses:

  • bread, pastry, …

  • biscuits, cakes, ice-cream cones, …

  • pizza base, dough baskets, …

Soubry can make products according to very strict standards as for organic food (Ecocert certification)


Soubry develops semolina with various qualities and granulometry, in accordance with your specific wishes or requirements:

  • for the preparation of industrial or homemade pasta (fresh dough)

  • for the preparation of industrial or homemade couscous

  • for the preparation of various ethnic dishes

  • for various applications in industrial bakeries or food industry