Soubry handles the highest quality standards and procedures and keeps on playing a pioneering role when it comes to quality. As one of the first mills it obtained certificates such as GMP, BRC, Ecocert and ISO. In its quest for quality it also includes the use of natural ingredients, extensive quality control and the deployment of a modern production chain.

This quality policy is reflected in all facets of the company:

  • Thorough and extensive access control for wheat in accordance with modern measuring standards

  • Audits with our suppliers

  • Strict policy in accordance with valid international standards

  • Wheat selection from various regions (inside and outside of Europe) which results in a wide range of product qualities, always with a concern for using natural ingredients instead of a mixture of additives

  • Close contact with the agricultural industry in various countries

  • Permanent investment in recent production technologies

    • the flour mill dates back to 1990 and is of Swiss manufacture

    • the new semolina mill was put into use in 2001 and is also of Swiss manufacture

    • also in 2001 a new silo complex with mixing facility installed for greater flexibility and better quality follow-up

  • Supply of organic products

  • Continuous attention to food safety and traceability

  • Regular audits by domestic and foreign industrial customers